The Cause

The funds collected this year will be directed to The Children’s priority equipment project of the IV pumps, the Concussion Clinic, Child Life Services, and the Tiny Tim Fund.

The IV pump fleet upgrade

The Montreal Children's Hospital requires 200 IV pumps for daily use across all care units, with many patients needing multiple pumps for essential nutrients and medication administration. Given the increasing complexity of patient care, The Children's must adopt cutting-edge technology for quality and safe care.

The Children’s Concussion Clinic

The Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Program's Concussion Clinic offers specialized care for around 700 children and teens annually, with about 4,000 clinical visits. The physiotherapists ensure timely interventions, speeding up treatment and reducing ER return visits.

Child Life Services

Each year, the Children's 12 Child Life Specialists assist over 2,000 patients with 12,000 interventions to normalize the hospital experience. Child Life staff work with healthcare teams to meet each family's needs across all units, from surgery prep to ICU recovery.

Tiny Tim Fund

The financial pressure on families at The Children’s is rising, with a 58% increase in assistance requests. Supporting the Tiny Tim Fund helps cover gas, parking, groceries, food vouchers, meals, medical equipment, medications, and accommodations. The Children's mission now also supports new parents with essentials like diapers, formula, and clothes.

Thank you for helping us offer the best care to all The Children’s young patients.