Donations and funds

1. Can I decide where the funds go?

Although it is allowed, one of the best ways to help The Montreal Children’s Hospital is by helping raise funds for the Healthy Kids Fund. When you support the Healthy Kids Fund, you’re helping to make sure kids in all areas of the Hospital get better care, whether through new equipment, paying for training, important projects, etc. Because, when it comes to knowing what’s needed, we feel the medical experts know best.

2. Will I receive a notification when someone makes a donation to my fundraising page?

Yes you will. Everytime a donation is made to your page, you will receive a message in your email inbox. Then, you will be able to see the detailed transaction and donor information when logging in to your Fundraising Center.

3. How can I donate?

If you would like to donate to a friend’s or a family member's fundraising page, use the search tool to find his or her page. Once the page is found, simply click on Donate now to complete your online donation.