Because kids have the power to make a BIG difference!

How to Join Our Club

It’s easy!

Young Ambassadors are kids of all ages who choose to raise money for The Children’s! Some do it by asking for donations instead of gifts for their birthday or special occasion, like a graduation! Others organize activities like a garage sale. We welcome you to get creative!

You get the spotlight!

Once you’ve collected all your donations, as a Young Ambassador, you’ll receive a special invitation to join us at The Montreal Children’s Hospital for a photo op with our big cheque. presentation! This can be shared on our website and with your family and friends.

There will be a party!

You and your family will be invited to an event to celebrate the hard work of all our Young Ambassadors.

There will be fun activities for kids and it will be a great opportunity to meet other Young Ambassadors who share the same passions!